Allgäuer Emmentaler 1827 - The Traditional One

Our Allgäuer Emmentaler 1827 is a specialty. This exclusive cheese matures minimum half a year instead of the regular three months.

Because of the maturing time, the cheese has much more time, to intensify its flavour and to become stronger in taste.

We have the 1827 since 2016 in our product portfolio and we are proud of it.

The name of the Allgäuer Emmentaler 1827 derives from the year, when Mr. Josef Stadler, who was an Allgäu native, brought two cheese makers from Switzerland to the Allgäu region. With these people, he had the chance to apply the Swiss recipe locally. Since this time, Emmentaler cheese has its tradition in the Allgäu region, too.

  •  Our new product in the portfolio
  •  The specialty from the Allgäu
  •  Even more taste through a maturing time of 6 months
  •  Free of artificial additives
  •  Manufactured according to highest standards, only original with the seal of "Protected Designation of Origin"