Bauhofer Allgäuer Emmentaler

With our Bauhofer Emmentaler you are enjoying a piece of native Allgäu.
Made from daily fresh raw milk we are producing 60 Emmentaler wheels per day.
The cheese is our classic product with its nutty aroma and a mildly spicy flavour.

We are manufacturing Allgäuer Emmentaler since 1952 in Kofeld (South of Germany near Lake Constance). In the early times, app. 2.000 liters of milk were processed per day, meanwhile the volume has multiplied by 30 to up to 60.000 liters milk per day.

  •  Quality, that can be tasted: Golden Prize 2017 of the DLG (German Agricultural Society)
  •  Available in many sizes: from a small piece to the round cheese wheel
  •  The original with its round, big holes
  •  Three months of maturing time for an aromatic pleasure
  •  Fine, light nutty aroma for an outstanding taste