Nowadays, the term "Quality" is used in so many ways and, unfortunately, it dilutes products to a certain degree, where very strict audit criteria are applied. Because of that, we want to explain you, which effort we are making, to produce a high qualitative product - the Bauhofer Allgäuer Emmentaler.

Golden Prize 2017 - DLG German Agricultural Society

Goldener Preis 2017Since many years, our Bauhofer Allgäuer Emmentaler is examinde by DLG - very successful. We are happy, that we received to Golden Prize for our cheese in the year 2017 again.
Thereby, the products has to fulfill requirements in lab tests, manufacturing, packaging and labelling tests.
At the end, the award of a Golden, Silver or Bronze Prize is decided by the sensoric quality (look, consistency, taste, and smell) of the product.
You can find more information on the homepage of the DLG by clicking on following link.



Bioland is the leading ecologic farming association in Germany and South Tyrol. We are partner with Bioland since 1984 and very proud of it.
Especially strict guidelines stand for highest quality standards and transparency, far above legal organic standards. In harmony with nature, Bioland pursues an environmentally friendly cradle-to-cradle
business according to the seven Bioland principles. These principles are oriented to the requirements of animals, human being and the nature. As a result, a sustainable agriculture and food manufacturing can
be enabled. A positive effect is, that Bioland contributes to the preservation of typical regional cultural landscape.
More information can be found under following link.

International Food Standard – IFS

Since 2014 we are certified by International Food Standard - IFS.
The IFS Food Standard serves the auditing of food producing companies in terms of the security of food and the quality of manufacturing processes and products.
The certification consists of six different componentsIFS Food Box RGB
  • Company responsibility
  • Systems for quality and food security management
  • Resource management
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Measurements, analyses, improvements
  • Food Defense (security of the food supply chain from terroristic activities)

Ohne GenTechnik


Since the beginning of our activities in the production of cheese, we are focusing on a high quality of the milk. To ensure a higher transparency for the daily purchase of food for the consumers,
German government introduced the seal "Ohne GenTechnik" (no use of genetical modifications).
We are also becoming certified 2017, so all our products will have the seal "Ohne GenTechnik" with the beginning of 2018. This seal gives you the security, that no genetical modifications are included in our products.
More about that

Organic Seal Baden-Württemberg


Since 2015 we are licensed for the organic seal of Baden-Württemberg. This seal is a prove for the consumers, that our products are 100 % from Baden-Württemberg and that they have a regional origin with organic quality. Regionality ensures, that there are short delivery distances and, for example, that emissions for greenhouse gases will be reduced.
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